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CA Apm Introscope and tracer not executed

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Problem :

Silent code :) Configuration was OK, or seems to be, logs was OK but nothing happen.

For a project, I use Broadcom CA APM, formely Introscope, I created a custom Tracer, adding the required configuration but my tracer was not executed. Furthermore, another “standard” tracer was not executed also.

Solution :

Easy steps : 

  • Check the agent logs : ERROR is displayed :
    • [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Unable to create tracer factories for the following class (library not found): 
  • Put agent logs in VERBOSE mode, I would had the solution directly
    • Same information class not found.
  • But because I everything for remote debug ready, I lost time but learn things
    • My tracer was using the same flag as the standard one : if one tracer can not be created, the whole flag is not enabled.
  • You can trace the classes to check if they are correctly instrumented compared to AutoProbe log. I never, never had a difference hier. If it says it's instrumented, then it is.

At the end the problem is "class not found" for one of the 2 tracers. So simple

And the class was of course present in the jar file. So it was related to the declaration of this class in the MANIFEST.MF required for CA APM Introscope extension : 

com-wily-Extension-Plugin-XXXX-Name: XXXX Frontend Tracer
com-wily-Extension-Plugin-XXXX-Type: tracer
com-wily-Extension-Plugin-XXXX-Version: 1
com-wily-Extension-Plugin-XXXX-Entry-Point-Class: com.xxx.xxxx.MyTracer


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