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SystemD and tomcat hang on startup

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Problem :

I used robertdebock/ansible-role-tomcat to install a Tomcat instance using Ansible. Works well until I deploy an application on it. Then java process hangs with 100% system CPU.

Starting with tomcat users without system work correctly.

Solution :

I suspected :

  • SELinux
  • Linux limits
  • VM slow I/O

But after a while I ran strace :

  • by modifying systemd configuration
  • by modifying catalina.sh configuration

All I have was a simple FUTEX wait...

And then I read the manual, as simple as :

strace -f -e trace=all -p <PID>

No need to trace from startup and by default, not all is traced...

After that, easy way, the process was reading recursively :


Just fixing the working_directory in the ansible role, and all is working.

Issue reported here.


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