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Cinnamon and Gnome : org.cinnamon.SettingsDaemon

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Problem :

After an update of my debian, I lost :

And when I tried to apply new screen configuration I had :

GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service

Many references on the net, many solutions :

  1. reinstall cinnamon
  2. remove configuration file
  3. start /usr/bin/cinnamon-settings-daemon
  4. ...

All tried, none work.

Solution :

Due to previous ressources and tests, I notice that when starting :


I had an error :

You can only run one xsettings manager at a time; exiting

After checking that is wasn't already started with :

ps -aef | grep cinnamon-settings-daemon

I perform a grep with :

ps -aef | grep settings

And I found that I had a gnome-settings-daemon running. Eurêka ! Gnome was my previous X manager.

So after a few checks :

sudo apt-get purge gnome-control-center gnome-settings-daemon gnome-control-center-data gnome-desktop3-data gnome-accessibility-themes

Restart, and all works.





Java threaddump sous windows

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Problème :

Faire des threadumps un peu assisté pour Java sous Windows. Normalement, il faut :

  • repérer le pid
  • appeler jstack sur le pid
  • stocker le résultat dans un fichier unique

Mais j'avais besoin d'un script oneshot que les utilisateurs puissent lancer facilement et plusieurs fois

Solution :

Merci aux différentes ressources du net, voici un petit script rapide :

@echo off

SET JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\
SET OUTPUT_DIR=c:\temp\lzg_threaddumps

setlocal enableextensions
if not exist "%OUTPUT_DIR%" md "%OUTPUT_DIR%"

for /f "tokens=2" %%F in ('tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq %COMMAND_TO_CHECK%"') do (

    SET DEST_FILE="%OUTPUT_DIR%\%%F_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-10,2%_%time:~-11,2%%time:~-8,2%%time:~-5,2%%time:~-2,2%.txt"
    @echo Dumping %%F to file %DEST_FILE%
    rem echo "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jstack.exe" %%F
    "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jstack.exe" %%F > %DEST_FILE%



JMeter and shared variables between thread group

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Problem :

I have two thread groups that must be synchronized. I want to use


to achieve this.

I read (here, or here) how to synchronize JMeter thread groups (you have to use properties and not variables). Properties can be access in :

  • bsh sampler : bsh.shared.<property name>
  • jsr223 sample : props.put(<property name>)
  • the org/apache/jmeter/util/JMeterUtils.class is the source of these properties.

I add to my test plan an initial element in bsh, jsr223 to create the latch. But when I get the latch in the thread groups, I always had different instance of my shared latch.

Solution :

Easy when we know.

I made the mistake to add the piece of code in a Pre-Processor

  • Test Plan
    • PreProcessor BSH : init latch
    • Thread Group 1
      • Sampler BSH : wait for latch
    • Thread Group 2
      • Sampler BSH : count down latch

In this case, the PreProcessor is run before each thread initialization. I run X times the preprocess sample.

Correct test plan :

  • Test Plan
    • Set up Thread Group
      • Sampler BSH : init latch
    • Thread Group 1
      • Sampler BSH : wait for latch
    • Thread Group 2
      • Sampler BSH : count down latch

The setup Thread Group is run before the others thread groups (these ones are parallel until you say not to do)

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